Come Hear the Difference.


Commericial / Promotional Audio and Video has for years been the time proven way for businesses to display their brand.....often with unique, catchy melodies and hooks that with repeated repetition people will sing time and time again.  The 'ear worm' is the key.  If people like a melody, it becomes 'stuck' in their head and they simply cannot help themselves.  

We will write a custom tailored audio stinger for you in the musical style of your choosing.  The voiceover / narration can either be performed by us....or you can record your own (see the Lynne Griffey Art and Tutoring video below.  Lynne Griffey performed her own voiceover in this video).  

Yes, we are talking about what we used to call JINGLES.  If you do some research, there are still articles referring to these promotional vehicles as being 'RADIO JINGLES'.  At Niko Records Studio, we maintain that with the surging trend in social media and social marketing, a small business owner doesn't necessarily need to hire a radio station in order successfully benefit from their own brand of promotional audio / video.


For example, social media vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Alignable, LinkedIn, and others make it possible for a small business owner to independently market themselves.  

An awesome marketing technique to use is that after your promotional video is uploaded to YouTube, the link can be a part of your outgoing signature every time you send an email.  For example, in the Gmail platform, when you include your YouTube link in you outgoing signature, it automatically shows the actual video for the recipient to see as an attachment to EVERY email you send.  This happens when the recipient opens the email while using a computer.  On a mobile device, only the link will show.  We like the phrase "SEE AND HEAR MORE ABOUT US HERE" written directly above the YouTube link appearing at the bottom of your outgoing signature so that an email recipient opening your email on a mobile phone will at least see there is promotional material to watch about your business.  

Packages offered by radio stations and media companies can be expensive indeed.  What we offer a small business owner can save you hundreds.  Our plans are designed to provide you with the ability to update your jingle periodically over the course of one year in order to update new products or services you may begin offering.  All for huge savings.  Call us now!  


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