Video Approach #3 is the final methodology in video production.  This, in our opinion, is the best alternative for a solo artist. 

In this video, again the audio was recorded and mastered in-house at the studio.  Then multiple shots were taken from different camera angles and editing was performed from a carefully and well planned collection of video clips. 

The featured song is a John Nicolosi original song Brand New Day (Copyright 2010, John Nicolosi)

Approach #1

Video Approach #2 features original song Savior Girl written by friend and local Clarksville, TN musician Ken Jolly (Copyright 2014, Ken Jolly). Used with Permission.

In this video, both audio and video were recorded simultaneously on site at Niko Records Studio. This 'intimate small venue' approach turns out to be perfect for this type of audio and video capture.  

Music Video Production

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Approach #3

Approach #2

At Niko Records Studio, we believe that premium services shouldn't cost and arm and a leg.  We are capable of producing a first rate music video for you for the price of a song (a figure of speech). Seriously, we go to great lengths to keep costs down on projects clients are accustomed to hearing costs thousands.  

Video Approach #1 is a full length music video we produced of the Light of Glory Band (Clarksville, TN) performing Love Can Change the World written by John Nicolosi (Copyright 2014, Bonjillie Music Co). In this video example, the audio was recorded and mastered on site at Niko Records Studio and the video was captured elsewhere with the musicians lip synching and playing their instruments to the finished audio. 

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