Vocal Coaching

The most valuable tool for any vocal student is for them to have the ability to hear themselves sing.  Since Niko Records Studio is a recording facility, we can approach vocal coaching with the single goal of RECORDING THE SINGER.  Some vocal coaching clients are ready to be recorded immediately during their first session.  Others may have to work on a few areas prior to being ready.  

We help the student be the best they can be.  The biggest challenge we encounter is when a singer is having difficulty hearing pitches.  For those that experience this issue, please know that in order to correct it, one must spend 2-3 hours daily working on their pitches on their own in order to acclimate their brains to how their vocal chords feel when singing certain pitches.  It is a long arduous process and most do not succeed as a result of the time or effort necessary to correct the issue.  

Suffice it to say, we will assume that anyone who contacts us for vocal coaching can hear pitches reasonably well.  

Piano Lessons

Piano skills are perhaps the most universally beneficial and necessary for any student who has aspirations to sing or play an instrument.  At Niko Records Studio, we believe that not only is sight reading on piano a beneficial skill for any student; we also believe that the ability to play chords on a piano is perhaps the most overlooked area by a multitude of piano teachers.  

It is absolutely true that many piano players who have been trained in a 'classical' sense do not have a clue how to play chords for a pop song.  If given the melody and the chords only, they would not know what to do.  This is what we would like to change.  This type of chordal training can typically only happen when an instructor uses an approach that is totally at the student's pace; and straight out of the instructor's head.  We call this 'out of the box' instruction.  It is unregimented and can only happen at the pace with which a student can move. We've had success with young students going on to be able to play with adults in their church praise and worship bands.  Playing chords, along with a strong understanding of music theory, can open up possibilities that perhaps would not otherwise exist.  

Brass Instruments

​Because it is important that all students with drive and ambition on their instruments want to do well always, we take special care to give them the instruction they need to develop their skills at their own pace.  We have a high success rate helping and placing students in various honor band and orchestra festivals at the county, mid-state and all-state level.  In addition, several local music teachers routinely send young students to Niko Records Studio.  John Nicolosi majored in trombone in college and specializes in all brass instruments.  

Private Weekly Instruction Specializing in:

  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Baritone Horn
  • French Horn
  • Tuba
  • Piano
  • Vocal Coaching

Music Lessons

Since 2003

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Main Features of Niko Records Studio Teaching Program:

  • Reasonable Monthly Tuition
  • One 30 Minute Lesson Weekly
  • ​Makes effort to reschedule missed lessons (up to one per month)
  • Excellent and Professional Instruction
  • Clean and Safe Environment
  • ​Comfortable environment.
  • Proven track record of integrity and trust with young students.
  • References / Testimonials available upon request.

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