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D'Impact has been performing in Middle Tennessee as a part of their Christian ministry  for several years.  Richard and Dana Dantzler are busy indeed.  And Richard just keeps writing songs.  They have released their first project BLESS YOUR HOLY NAME and we are thrilled to say that the song featured in the snippet,  MAMA TOLD ME,  has received radio airplay nationwide.  John Nicolosi arranged and  performed all instrumental tracks. 

Words and Music by Richard Dantzler.  ​Copyright 2015 D'IMPACT.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  USED WITH PERMISSION.


Come Hear the Difference.


NEW JOURNEY is a new Southern Gospel group on the Clarksville scene that combines roots from Arkansas and Tennessee.   They are preparing to record a full length project at the studio and we are excited!  What a great vocal sound.  AIN'T THAT WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT is from their upcoming project.  They are currently booking concert venues throughout Middle Tennessee.        


Alternative / Americana / Bluegrass / Blues / Contemporary Christian / Country / Contemporary Gospel / Folk / Funk / Hip Hop / Industrial / Jazz / Karaoke (for Vocal Demos and Gift Giving) / Metal / Radio Jingles and Commercials / Reggae / Rock / Pop / Seasonal / Southern Gospel / Spoken Word / Television Commercials / World Music​​​​

  • Straight Out of Hell0:39


Dallas Mobley started recording at Niko Records Studio 13 years ago at the age of 14.  His transformation from heavier rock styles to bluegrass is nothing short of astounding.  In every genre Dallas has 'touched' he has given us great music!  The song STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL is a recovery song and features Dallas on Vocals and Guitar and Jonah Terry on banjo.    

​Words and Music by Dallas Mobley.  Copyright 2016 Dallas Mobley.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  USED WITH PERMISSION.

We have recorded most genres of popular music.  These genres include and are not limited to:​​

​AUDIO SAMPLES (Not in any specific order):

  • Mammy Mammy 0:43

                 ROCK  / METAL

James Litchfield recorded 2 solo projects at Niko Records Studio prior to retiring from the US Army.  So much talent in one guy.  Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, and Drums.  He does it all.  Here is one of our favorites of his.  James now resides in Dallas and plays regularly.     

​Words and Music by James Litchfield.  Copyright 2014 James Litchfield.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  USED WITH PERMISSION.

  • Ain't That What It's All About0:40


We've created this page in order to provide examples of our studio work product.  All soundbite samples are used with permission.  We don't have a specific genre specialty....and your specific genre may not be ​used as an example.  Needless to say, we hope that the samples provided below clearly reflect our work to you, even if your genre is not represented in the samples.

  • Mama Told Me1:10

                    FUNK / JAZZ 

Freddie Jefferson hails from Boston, MA and spent a career playing music in the US Army.  He specializes in piano, saxophone, and bassoon.  His unique take on musical composition in the Funk and Jazz genres make him unique indeed.  

KOOL KAT is an example of a live drummer and guitar player added to Freddie's work on the keys.        

​Music by Freddie Jefferson.  Copyright 2015 Hypertension Music.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  USED WITH PERMISSION.

  • Through Dying Eyes0:51


John Nicolosi continues songwriting in the midst of his ongoing work at Niko Records Studio.  John is able to produce tracks in the studio with minimal input from outside players.  On this track, to date, there is a live bass track played by bassist Kenny Hummer.  All other instrumental tracks are played by John in the the studio using virtual instrument sounds.      

​Before We Say Goodbye.  Words and Music by John Nicolosi.  Copyright 2015 Bonjillie Music Co.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  USED WITH PERMISSION.

           POP / WORLD MUSIC

Sammy Yoyo (Awolumate) hails from Lagos, Nigeria and currently serves in the US Army at Fort Campbell, KY.  Samuel brings his unique musical blend of African influence combined with popular musical elements of the west.  

MAMMY MAMMY is a snappy presentation of catchy melody and vocal harmony over a driving beat.  All instrumental tracks, including trumpet and trombone, were performed from scratch by John Nicolosi.  Produced by Samuel Awolumate.

​Words and Music by Samuel Awolumate.  Copyright 2015 Samuel Awolumate.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  USED WITH PERMISSION.

Since 2003


​​Bobby has been a songwriting force in the music industry dating back nearly 50 years.  With hits like TIME OFF FOR BAD BEHAVIOR, ​DADDY'S HONKY TONK, and WHISKEY ON ICE recorded by greats like Hank Williams, Jr., Confederate Railroad, and David Allen Coe (to name a few), he continues to make a mark on the world with his songs.  ​We are always thrilled when Bobby writes a new one to record. 

​GIVE EVERY KID A RAINBOW features Bobby on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, renowned guitarist Bret Short on Electric Guitar, and John Nicolosi playing the 'other' stuff on the keys.  Also, Bobby's cousin Greta and kids Grace and Victoria Manross along with Bella Cargill; also James Cargill and John Nicolosi on Backing vocals. 

Words and Music by Bobby Keel.  Copyright 2015 Bobby Keel Music.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  ​USED WITH PERMISSION.

  • Give Every Kid a Rainbow0:47